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I was Born in Argentina in 1970 in the little town of Concepcion. We left Concepcion for Africa when I was 5 and after two years in Libya, one in Benghazi and one in Tripoli, we moved to Belgium where we lived in Brussels for 9 years. Later on, we moved to Spain where we resided 3 years in Barcelona. After that we moved back to South America where I traveled to countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia. After a few years stay in Buenos Aires, I moved to the Untied States in 2001 where I currently reside for the past 16 years.


I took up painting in Belgium at the Institut St Luc in Brussels. My plastic arts education carried on in Argentina and in Ecuador where I worked as an independent artist. I have been working as an artist and proffesional photographer for for the past ten years in Miami Florida.   


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